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Café Dior in Seoul

Of the many café – luxury destinations on my Korea bucket list, I’ve crossed one off this time with a visit to the glamorous Café Dior by Pierre Hermé — a fusion of two world famous French icons in fashion and pastry! Essentially my dream destination! This elegant little space...

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Three red lipsticks (Mac, Chanel, YSL)

Recently I’ve going through a red lipstick phase, a bolder choice of color compared to my usual pink and coral tones that I usually reach for. The thing with lipsticks is that, unlike the other everyday makeup I wear on my face (since I don’t wear a lot of eye...

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Strawberry Buffet in Seoul!

I just got back from Korea a few days ago after spending the last two weeks there, with an unexplained gap in my blog posts LOL. Ideally I would have written about these cute little activities concurrently with the timeline of my trip, but as far as excuses go, it’s...

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Hi, I'm Hannah!

Thanks for stopping by! I am a San Francisco-based lifestyle blogger obsessed with bags, beauty, and all things pretty! This is my personal passion project; by day, I am a full-time dog mom and law school student. My vision for this blog is to span both a creative and social outlet, curating a space to discover, relate, and inspire.