Strawberry Buffet in Seoul!

I just got back from Korea a few days ago after spending the last two weeks there, with an unexplained gap in my blog posts LOL. Ideally I would have written about these cute little activities concurrently with the timeline of my trip, but as far as excuses go, it’s actually been pretty difficult to find time to sit down and write — work surrounded by too much fun and activities I wanted to get done in Seoul!

One of my favorite new things I got to experience was the Strawberry Buffet. A relatively new trend going around Seoul during the spring season is proliferation of strawberry-themed dessert buffets hosted around the city. They are featured in four or five star hotels with many to choose from! We chose one sort of randomly based on what was nearby, and went to the one inside the InterContinentel Coex Hotel. The prettiest little buffet setup I’ve ever seen! It’s all pink and full of juicy red strawberries, cakes, and pastries, including a pink chocolate fountain for dipping. Some savory foods were available as well, but it’s more of a place you’d come to with a craving for sweets.

It’s not just for the sweets though. Korea during strawberry season has some of the best strawberries in the world!! I love strawberries, but these ones were especially fresh, sweet, and juicy. I think I got full off of helping myself to generous mountings of strawberries more than anything.

Price went for roughly $45 USD / person, and I’d expect the other places to priced around that range. It’s pretty pricey, but it’s worth the treat if you love desserts with cute and unique details. I don’t think I’d be able to experience it anywhere else!

I’ll just have pictures speak for themselves…



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