Troubled Skin + Innisfree Clarifying Cleansing Gel With Bija Seed Oil

I’ve only had good experiences with Innisfree products so it’s not difficult for me to pick up new products to try while I’m at the store. Not only are they generally effective, their products come at an affordable price (I’ve purchased some of my favorite cleansers and masks for less than $15!). Innisfree also brands itself as a naturally sourced manufacturer, primarily sourcing their ingredients from the clean, pollution-free environment of Jeju Island. This information was of course enough to entice me from the beginning.

My most recent new purchase from them is this “Clarifying Cleansing Gel with Bija Seed Oil,” made for “troubled skin.” The name itself is already confusing because of how vague it is. What exactly do they mean by clarifying, troubled skin, and what is even is bija seed??

I’ve used this product for a while primarily as an oil cleanser to remove the initial layer of makeup and face products as part of my nightly cleansing routine, but I’m posting this review now because I actually have been having troubled skin lately. I needed to see if the product actually delivers results to the issues that my skin has been having lately (granted it’s only one part of the entire troubled skin line.)

By troubled skin, I’m specifically talking about:

-clogged pores (I’ve been breaking out more recently lately!! Ahh!)
-oily skin
-stubborn breakout spots
-loss of balance in skin’s moisture

Troubled skin is just another way of saying your skin is freaking out and is crying for help. To clarify is another way of saying to clean out the junk.

A skincare line designed to target troubled skin is meant to remove impurities, excess oil, control shine, and restore balance in the skin’s texture.

As the weather is getting warmer, I’ve also had some inconsistencies and changes in my daily routine, with short travels here and there, which had an impact on my usual diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. I know my body pretty well, and it doesn’t like to be thrown off balance, doesn’t handle change very well. My skin is unfortunately one of the things that gets affected. I’m not going to be able to get back to a more structured routine until later this fall, so I’m going to have to manage as I go for now!!

I only noticed more tangible effects of this oil cleanser the night I arrived home from my trip to Vegas. I don’t take this with me on on trips– the pump style packaging doesn’t make it the most travel friendly item. You know how Vegas can get… I was there mainly for work, which started early morning each day, but I still took advantage of nights in Vegas with buffets and other shenanigans (ok, I didn’t go that crazy!! Just different from my usual routine, that’s all LOL). By the end of my four day trip, I was bloated, sluggish, and ridden with breakouts! My skin was very troubled indeed….


When you first pump the cleanser onto your fingers, it comes out pretty runny. The consistency does however melt into a more sticky texture when spread and applied throughout the face. Using circular motions, I watched my makeup seamlessly dissolve, the oily spots around my nose and forehead wiped away. The formula has a light, herbal scent, a feature that seems consistent throughout Innisfree’s line of products. Unlike other oil cleansers, this one is pretty easy to wash off with water on its own — of course, a foam cleanser is still needed to rinse and cleanse off the residue — and  within the first use, my face felt squeaky clean and refreshed. Much needed treatment after a long week, day, and plane ride.

I used this cleanser for the next few days in conjunction with Innisfree’s green tea cleansing foam (another awesome product from them!). I also attempted to be better with my diet and exercise, trying to make a point to drink tons of water. I’ve always wanted to try some sort of detox, but with my schedule being erratic these days, I get scared to go all out one. The best thing to do anyway is to incorporate as many healthy habits back into my lifestyle as possible (although last night one of my girl friend’s boyfriend was out of town which meant I got to hang out with her for once, which sort of meant some alcohol and dessert was involved!!)

The oil cleanser is the only product I’ve tried from their troubled skin line, so I’m not fully taking advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. Still, it works well on my skin and I actually prefer it over the Banila Co cleansing balm.

My next trip to Korea is taking place this July. I already have another Innisfree haul on the list of things to do while I’m there!


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