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I discovered the value of routine at a young age. For me, this came in the form of writing. As a child I had a pretty clear case of social anxiety, terrified of speaking in front of others or even having much attention on me at all in public. I didn’t say my first word in public until the age of seven, and even then, I was painfully shy, easily embarrassed, and preoccupied with what others thought of me. As a result I kept to myself and internalized most of my thoughts and emotions. I didn’t have a proper outlet for my feelings until I was ten years old, when I discovered the world of journaling. Writing became my safe space, a place where I could voice my most personal thoughts and confront my most overwhelming emotions (though when you have social anxiety, everything is the most personal and overwhelming). With all the words I struggled to express out loud, I found my voice through writing.

I overcame most of the the shyness when I got to college, and today most people I know would describe me as rather open and sociable. That journey is an entirely differently story. In regards to this blog, the most important value I gained through journal writing was my ability to keep up with a daily routine. Journaling allowed me stay grounded in times of both chaos and mundanity. I found beauty in the world of both particulars and everyday and found significance in the most life changing and mundane moments. It continues to shape my outlook on life today, including my philosophy surrounding beauty.

Those values drive the reason that beauty and skincare is so important to me. Having an established skincare and self care routine allows me to take time for myself each day. Like writing, it became a form of self love. Skincare played a significant role in helping me overcome the most difficult days of my life, when each day was a struggle to even get out of bed in the morning. I created a checklist of each and every step I would take to start my day, starting with a “just make it in the shower,” followed by the most detailed steps that took place from there from shampooing to exfoliating to rinsing, from toners to serums to moisturizers. I took the time to relish the different senses that the experience provided, all the soft suds, the uplifting scents of shower gels and lotions. I allowed the sensory experience to ground me into the moment, clearing my head of thoughts and feelings. There were hundreds of little checkboxes I made for myself for a half hour morning routine, and though the tasks seemed simple, checking off those boxes became feats of courage during my most wearisome days. From this I realized that they are these little pleasures that make an everyday and seemingly dull situation a truly engaging experience, what makes life all the more interesting. This is the reason I treat and pamper myself to products that I love. Over time I established a healthy and more structured lifestyle and discovered a passion for beauty and skincare.

I created this blog because I wanted to share my love for beauty products and express the ways that they can enrich our lives. The most amazing part is that I found a way for me to do this through a medium that I love most.

About Me

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Hannah. This is my personal beauty, health, and lifestyle blog where I share product reviews and thoughts and tips related to a self-care oriented lifestyle. I currently reside and work in San Francisco with my dearest english bulldog and love of my life Angus. Raising and loving my own dog has lead me to develop a deep compassion for animals and become a devoted supporter of animal welfare. My best friend is my mom, who is my role model and biggest supporter. I also have a love for fitness, fashion, literature, and travel.


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Skin type: Normal / Combination
Skin concerns: oily t-zone, hyperpigmentation, hormonal acne, dark under-eye circles