My birthday in New York! The Plaza Hotel

For my birthday this year my mom and I took a magical trip to New York City. As a luxury lover, I planned the course of our trip based on a luxury concept, from the hotel that we stayed in to the shopping and food! Though my birthday landed on a Wednesday this year, we were lucky to be able to make it to celebrate the occasion on the actual date.

Of course I chose to stay at one of America’s most iconic hotels, The Plaza! It turns out that I am so far removed from pop culture that I only first heard about this hotel from reading the Great Gatsby (which was a great airplane read on the flight over!)– I never watched Home Alone but this movie is apparently how people tend to know about it. Regardless it is a famously known luxury hotel that I’ve dreamed of staying in.

From a young age, I’ve loved hotels and the experience of staying at a hotel. The Plaza was really an experience like no other. The hotel has a lot of history, and much of that history is retained in its Renaissance-style architecture and even the staff, mostly consisting of older gentlemen who have been there for many years. The atmosphere and interior of the hotel from the lobby to the suites are embellished with regal charm and luxury— white marble walls and staircases, elegant crystal chandeliers, ornately composed furniture.. You will definitely feel special walking into those doors.


We stayed in one of the double room suites, which had two queen beds, a little sitting area, desk, two closets, and 1.5 bathrooms. With my love for baths, the hotel bathroom is one of the most important elements!! If I hear that they have a tub in the room, I always make time to pamper myself either with a special bath bomb or soak.



The bathrooms in the room were a dream… 24 carat gold plated sinks, white marble walls, huge shower room and marble enclosed tub.


The hotel is also located at the prime Central Park location, which was conveniently walking distance to all the courses listed on my birthday itinerary, right next to all the glamorous shops on Fifth Avenue!

Everything about my special day was so perfect, and I got to spend it with my favorite shopping, food, and travel buddy and all around favorite person. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! 🙂

I decided to split up my New York posts into sections, otherwise it will go on forever, so here was my experience at the Plaza Hotel! I can’t really openly recommend it to everyone, not even to myself for a second time, since the experience does come with a lofty price. But if you do want to create more space in your hotel budget whether for a special occasion or experience, you can definitely look forward to a very memorable stay!

Bundled up in new Burberry coat and layers over layers! 

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