Review: Hera Age Away Vitalizing Eye Cream


What captured my attention most about this product was the packaging. I was with my mom who was actually purchasing this for herself, but when I saw how the application worked and how smoothly the cream glided across my skin, I had to get one as well!!

This eye cream is packaged as a syringe style applicator tip with a simple turn-based lock on the bottom. I liked the way that you can pump it directly onto to your skin, rather than scooping it out of a tub with your fingers– just seems so much more hygienic that way. Though it is labeled as an eye cream, it has more of a lightweight, gel-like consistency, formulated to deliver moisture while targeting delicate, finer areas of the skin that are susceptible to early signs of aging; typically the creases around the eyes and mouth.

Being in my twenties I know I am not exactly in the targeted age group for the anti-aging market. Generally while I think that it doesn’t necessarily hurt to use anti-aging products at such a young age, it is still best to choose products that are best suited and tailored to your particular skin type. Anti-aging products tend to have their own set of benefits and qualities that may differ from other line of cosmetics. However, I find that because it has such lightweight consistency and with its use of natural herb extracts, Hera’s age-away eye cream is universally beneficial to use.

Since Korean women start looking after their skin at such a young age anyway, most of  Kbeauty products are designed to cultivate long term benefits rather than short term gains. Skincare approaches tend to be more preventative rather than correction-based. Hence while anti-age products help to fight already existing wrinkles, much of their purpose is to slow down or prevent natural aging processes of the skin.

While I love the quality and ease of application of this product, I would probably not use it exclusively for my own personal use. Main reason is that I tend to have dark and puffy eyes, rather than dry or with signs of aging, and this eye cream hasn’t done much for the dark circles, which I acknowledge is its own set of problems anyway and much more difficult to correct topically. I’d most likely switch over to a hydrating eye cream with brightening, de-puffing benefits when I get the chance. That is not to say I don’t recommend this product to others.

An outline of the basic pros and cons:

-Syringe-style tip makes application quick and seamless
-Fast absorbing and hydrating
-Skin feels refreshed and supple after use
-Use of natural ingredients
-Travel friendly

-Price is high relative to how long one tube lasted me, which was not very long
-Was not effective in targeting puffy or dark under eye issues

Anyways, while I am not the most qualified person to talk about aging effects on the skin, I have heard emphasized by dermatologists over and over that the number one way to reduce and fight against aging is sun protection. Anti-aging should come as a natural concern in a skincare regimen, but I’d say rather than looking for a specifically anti-age related product line,  a good sunblock + daily skincare routine tailored to your own primary skin concerns is the best way to start the preventative process. When it comes to quality eye creams, however, I find that the anti-age label on this particular product is applicable to all ages and skin types.

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