Current Obsession from Lush: Snow Fairy Collection!

I love taking baths, and I love taking showers. I love the warmth, comfort, the aromas, the satisfying, fresh feeling of getting clean. Time seems to stop for a moment; everything is still except for the white noise of running water. Sometimes it’s literally the only place I can forget about my problems for a while and where I can really be alone with my thoughts. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the biggest truths and discoveries of life have sprung from the shower. For such an everyday routine, showers/baths are pretty important to me! If it’s the one place I can have some peace and quiet in my life on a crazy day, why not make it a special experience? This is why I let myself indulge in fancy bath products. You should see how much shelving space I take up in the shower for all my products.

If only Angus can feel that way about baths too..

As an avid bath junkie, it would come as no surprise that I would be addicted to Lush products. First of all, even if you have never been into a lush store, have you ever just taken a whiff of all the products in passing at the mall? It’s seriously magnetic; I feel like I get pulled into this trance by all the scents and colors as I wander into the store each time (and next thing I know I’m walking out with buttery smooth, fresh scented hands and another bag full of new goodies).

They had a variety of new scents released for the holiday season, and the one I was most excited about was the Snow Fairy Collection. I was gifted a cute little set this last Christmas by a friend, and only someone who knows me would make the presumption to get me the sparkly pink, bubblegum scented version. So much fun!

My favorites from the Snow Fairy Collection:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel:

I am seriously so excited to get home and shower at the thought of using this product. It’s such a gorgeous soap. The soft, fluffy pink bubbles melt into this amazing shimmery pink lather and makes your whole bathroom smell like candy. Granted this is a sweet scent, it may not be for everyone, but it is meant to be enjoyed in the moment rather than one that lingers on your skin throughout the day like perfume.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner:

The shower gel pairs wonderfully with the body conditioner. I know people who literally live off of one or two products in the shower (3-in-1 shampoo and soap and good to go!), but of course I have to go the extra mile to have a conditioner to use on my skin after the soap. Just like the shower gel, this one also has that pretty iridescent glitter and sweet aroma as you smooth it over your skin. Body conditioners are meant to be applied wet in the shower and rinsed off. This one is incredibly easy to spread, so smooth and buttery and fast absorbing. The scent will linger on my skin a little bit after application, but does fade rather quickly. I believe that there is a body spray that accompanies the collection, but since it is a pretty sweet scent, I think I’m okay with it for bath only use. While it is a in-shower product, the conditioner actually works pretty well as dry body lotion as well– keep in mind it will be slightly thicker than your regular lotion though. Alternatively, the product works great in the shower if you are too lazy to apply lotion when you get out.


Fairy Dust Dusting Powder:

My favorite product of all!!! The dusting powder can serve a variety of purposes. Personally I use this for my workouts. If you’re a big sweater at the gym like me, this is a super cute and fun way to mattify your skin, just as baby powder would (essentially a glittery boob sweat blocker, yay!). Sounds kind of gross at the same time, but I notice the powder effuse its scent as I’m working out. Imagine walking around the gym smelling like cotton candy and bubble gum.

The powder can also be dusted and spread around your skin after applying lotion, if you don’t want to feel as greasy after moisturizing.

Unfortunately these are limited edition and only come around during the holidays. It looks like some of the products are still available online, but I haven’t checked in stores yet. I hope I didn’t choose the worst time to post this review LOL. At this rate it’s going to be in the middle of spring and I’ll be talking about pumpkin spice lattes.

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